College Council Minutes of Jan. 31, 2014

 Audio recording of the meeting available on iTunes U

PRESENT                                         ABSENT

Mr. James McMahon,Chair          Mr. Brian McGrath , excused 
Ms. Darlene Baker  
Mr. Saleem Cheeks
Mr. Richard Farfaglia
Mr. Michael Goldych
Mr. Baye Muhammad
Mr. William Scriber
Mr. Gary Sluzar
Mr. Anthony Smith

Ms. Deborah F. Stanley, President
Mr. Nicholas Lyons, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Dr. Jerald Woolfolk, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Ms. Kerry Dorsey, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Mr. Howard Gordon, Executive Assistant to the President
Ms. Kristi Eck, Chief of Staff
Ms. Ellen McCloskey, Assistant to the President
Ms. Joan Carroll, Faculty Assembly Chair
Ms. Julie Harrison Blissert, Director of Public Affairs and College Council Recorder

  The chair called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. in Room 114 of the Campus Center. He welcomed Dr. Woolfolk to her first meeting.

2.  The minutes of October 4, 2013, were unanimously approved.

3.  Emergency Management: University Police Chief John Rossi discussed the college's emergency management plan and plans for a Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant emergency in particular, including regular drills. He also gave updates on the upcoming campus safety app Laker Guardian and on security cameras on campus. Ms. Blissert outlined emergency communications. Discussion touched on plan updates resulting from the Fukushima tsunami, false reports on Rave Guardian, festivities by the lake, blue-light phones, criminal versus disciplinary charges, student demand for and faculty resistance to cameras, SUNY camera policy, license-plate readers and coordination with Border Patrol. 

4.  Student Association Report: Mr. Smith reported on budgeting for 187 clubs, coming implementation of Laker Life's budgeting module, SA elections in March, and filling a Campus Life vacancy for an events programming coordinator. He gave an update on off-campus housing software to help encourage upgrades to rental housing.

5.  Faculty Report: Ms. Carroll reported on revisions to the curriculum; academic calendar approvals; continuing work on revising governance processes, family leave options, addressing issues revealed in the Student Opinion Survey more efficiently, and merging the online faculty activity report with discretionary salary increase reporting. She noted SUNY Faculty Senate discussion of Open SUNY and campus control; Oswego's leadership in SUNY Works with co-op education; the role of faculty in Start-Up NY; and Oswego's presentation on its task force model at a coming SUNY meeting on shared governance. Discussion involved Jewish holidays and the academic calendar, student retention, background on the Student Opinion Survey, U.S. News rankings and surveys, Open SUNY and Oswego's involvement, the national ranking of Oswego's online MBA program, evaluation of online programs, and a scientific vocabulary course suggestion for communications.

6.  President's Remarks: President Stanley reported on the recent $7.5 million Marano bequest, progress on the fundraising campaign, targeting students for Winter Session, Cruisin' the Campus for the community during the winter break, the update to the Oswego Guarantee incentivizing four-year graduation along with a companion app, strategic plan progress, Open SUNY, Start-Up NY with 17 prospects to date, early decision applications and rising applications for fall, rising out-of-state applications, international students, the estimated financial plan for next year ($63.9 million up $2.4 million, nearly half for negotiated salary raises) and $18.6 million for critical maintenance over four years, renovations of Tyler Hall, exterior signage, a new turf field, School of Education work, and renovations for Scales, Waterbury, Funnelle and Glimmerglass Fitness Center. She will testify on the budget in Albany next week. Discussion included the donor's motivation, building naming opportunities, Romney Field House renovations, sharing the Guarantee app with parents, marquis campus properties for Start-Up NY and the Phoenix site and Syracuse, tying Start-Up NY in with the federal trade zone, the former Regional Service Program, five-year plans for STEM majors, and Al Roker's visibility boost for his alma mater.

7.  Old Business: Mr. Golych floated the possibility of drafting resolutions on family leave and a minimum wage increase. Mr. Sluzar inquired about a renewable energy project in Schroeppel; President Stanley said it does not qualify for Start-Up NY.

8.  New Business: Mr. Cheeks suggested as a future meeting topic how the college helps students manage their debt load. Mr. Scriber asked if the college can do purchase power agreements, and Mr. Lyons indicated it can.

The meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.