Supplemental Retirement Plan Information

Supplemental retirement savings providers are prepared to assist and speak with employees about retirement planning and enrollment.

Please view the following video resources for more information:

Authorized Investment Providers

Participants in the SUNY Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and/or the SUNY 403(b) Plan may invest with any one or a combination of the currently Authorized Investment Providers.

If you would like to enroll in a 403b plan, review investment options or speak with a local representative from any of the available investment providers, please see the information listed below.

Additionally, if you would like some introductory information on how to select investments, visit the SUNY Choosing Your Investments webpage.

TIAA Consultant

250 S Clinton St., Suite 310

Syracuse, NY 13202

Darryl Fiasconaro



Voya Investment Agent

Aaron Cahill 315-565-4016 


Fidelity Investments

Bill Stark 716-270-7732 


Corebridge Financial (Formerly AIG Retirement Services) Campus Representatives

Taylor Jaquays 315-922-2379 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Human Resources at 315-312-2230 or

Please visit the HR announcements page for the most up-to-date information from the college’s Human Resources and Payroll Offices.

Dated Posted: 1/25/2023