Solutions for Managing Stress During a Crisis Powerpoint

SUNY Oswego employees’ lives have changed drastically in the past couple of weeks. Whether you are required to report to work at this time or working from home, it can be challenging and stressful.  Linda Carignan-Everts, EAP Wellness Coordinator held  a presentation on Solutions for Managing Stress During a Crisis on May 1, 2020. If you were unable to attend the presentation, please view the powerpoint for important tips on how to manage stress during this crisis. 

Please remember that SUNY Oswego’s Employee Assistant Program (EAP) is available remotely.  EAP was designed to help employees deal with the everyday issues involved in balancing work and life, as well as more serious problems.  EAP services are confidential, voluntary, and offered at no cost to employees and their families.   SUNY Oswego’s coordinator, Cathy Johnston, is working remotely and is available to provide online support and resources to employees and their families to help them address their emotional and mental health concerns during this stressful time. She is available to help identify resources for employees to address anxiety, stress, isolation, illness, financial issues, job loss, childcare, children out of school, grief and loss, and other issues. She also has resources to help address domestic violence and suicide ideation concerns as well. If you are experiencing anxiety or other emotional distress during this crisis, or just want to talk, please contact EAP. 

Cathy can be reached at 315-312-5546 or  For additional confidential assistance, employees may call  800-822-0244. 

Please contact HR with any questions by emailing Please visit this webpage for the most up-to-date information from your Human Resources and Payroll offices.

Date posted: 5/1/20