OSU Clothing Allowance

The Operational Services Unit (OSU) clothing allowance is back for fiscal year 2022-2023. The payment to individuals is limited to $65.00 per fiscal year, for each full-time OSU employee performing traditional “hands-on” operational duties and who were on the payroll on October 1, 2022.
Employees on approved leave status, including employees on Workers’ Compensation Leave, on the eligibility payroll date, and who otherwise satisfy the eligibility criteria, are entitled to the allowance upon their return to duty as long as the return date does not exceed beyond March 31, 2023.
Direct Employee Allowance
You may choose to receive the work clothing allowance through the regular payroll system. The payment would be considered income under federal tax law and would be subject to withholding taxes (Social Security, federal and state).
If you choose this option, no action is necessary and the clothing allowance payment will automatically be included in your paycheck.
Employee Reimbursement
You may choose to be reimbursed by separate check for work clothing purchases not to exceed $65 per employee, per year.
Items traditionally appropriate for purchase would include only those items that would be worn to work to perform work-related duties, such as pants, shirts, jackets, rain gear, work shoes, smocks, gloves, etc. A receipt for purchased garments is required and must contain the following:
a) Name of the vendor from whom the item was purchased (cash register receipt or online purchase receipt)
b) Date of purchase
c) Item(s) purchased
d) Amount of purchase(s), not including sales tax
e) Signature and mailing address of the employee seeing reimbursement
If the receipt is for less than $65.00 per year (not including sales tax), the reimbursement will be made only up to the amount of the receipt. If the reimbursement receipts are for more than $65 per year (not including sales tax), the reimbursement will
still only be $65. Multiple items (shirt and pants, two shirts, etc.) are allowable up to the maximum reimbursement amount.
Sales tax is never reimbursable.
All receipts must be received by the Human Resources Office, 201 Culkin Hall, by February 3, 2023. Please email scanned receipts to hr@oswego.edu or drop off in our secure mail slot at 201 Culkin Hall.
Reimbursement checks will be sent to the home mailing address on file. Any OSU member who does not submit a receipt by the deadline will automatically receive the clothing allowance payment through the regular payroll system.
If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources by email at hr@oswego.edu.
Date Posted: 11/15/2022