New Human Resources Electronic Processes

Human Resources is pleased to announce the rollout of the new electronic forms through Hirezon/Interview Exchange. The following forms have been converted to an electronic process:

Unclassified Service Appointment Form

Unclassified Request to Fill

Classified Request to Fill

Reassignment/Extra Service Request

The Employment Action Justification form has been embedded into each form and must be completed with each request. Click here for additional guidance on the justification form.

In addition, the Student Assistant Temporary Service Appointment form has been converted to an electronic form. The Undergraduate Student Employment Actions Justification form must be completed/approved before submitting a Student Assistant Temporary Service Appointment form.

If you need access to the forms module (Hirezon/Interview Exchange) please contact

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If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources via email at

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Date Posted:  9/4/20