Employee Vaccination and Surveillance Testing Update

In a follow up to the Oswego Spring Forward 2022 Guidance, the Office of Human Resources would like to provide several important reminders for employees. Please review this information carefully and contact HR at hr@oswego.edu or 315-312-2230 with questions or for additional assistance.

Employee Surveillance Testing:
  • Weekly Testing: Employees who have not provided proof of vaccination must complete mandatory weekly testing. Employees interested in submitting evidence of full vaccination are encouraged to complete the current employee vaccination form.  

  • Monthly Testing: Vaccinated employees who have not yet received their booster shot must test once per month for the duration of the spring 2022 semester or until they receive their booster. Additional scheduling / appointment details are forthcoming. If you submitted your vaccination information already, and have since received your booster shot, you should complete the Employee Booster Verification Form to update your records with Human Resources.

  • No Testing: Employees who have completed a full vaccination series; received their booster shot; and who have provided proof of their vaccination and booster are excused from monthly surveillance testing.  All Management Confidential (M-C) employees who are eligible for a booster shot are required to receive their booster within 30 days of eligibility. 
    • Individuals are eligible for a booster shot five months after their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and two months after the J&J vaccine. 
    • How to Get Your Booster Shot: Get vaccinated or “boosted” today. Visit https://www.vaccines.gov/search to find a COVID-19 vaccine site near you. SUNY Oswego will also be hosting booster clinics on Feb. 15 and 16 in Swetman Gym.  Visit the Vaccination/Booster Clinics web page for more information and to register.
*Employees who have had a positive test should not participate in testing for 90 days from the date of their positive test. As a reminder, please be sure to provide eehealthscreen@oswego.edu with your positive test results in order to be exempt for the 90 days.
Proof of Vaccination: 

Employees interested in submitting evidence of full vaccination should complete the 
current employee vaccination form. This form is only for employees who have not already submitted any of their vaccination information (i.e., new employees).

Employees interested in submitting evidence of their booster vaccination should complete the 
Employee Booster Verification Form. This form is for employees who have already submitted their vaccination information and need to add their booster shot information.

You may also find additional information and the links to the forms on this 

Employees and/or supervisors should notify 
eehealthscreen@oswego.edu with any COVID-19 positive test information.

Please continue to review the 
Oswego Forward/COVID-19 Information for the most updated information, announcements, and resources, or visit the HR webpage for the most updated information from the Human Resources and Payroll offices.


Amy Plotner
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Date Posted:  1/24/2022