Change in Supervisor

To process a change in supervisor for an employee:

1.) Meet with the employee to advise employee of the change in their supervisor.

2.) After meeting with the employee, document the change in supervisor through a letter to the employee (template).

3.) For professional employees; current supervisor must complete an evaluation for the performance period to date. The new supervisor must complete a new performance program. Forms are available at:

4.) Complete and submit this form to the Office of Human Resources. **By submitting this form the employees personnel records, Time & Attendance, and Daily Health Screening emails will be updated.**

*For professional employees; if there are any other changes in addition to supervisor an Unclassified Service Appointment Form must be completed through Interview Exchange.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Human Resources at 315-312-2230 or

Please visit the HR Announcements page for the most up to date information from the college’s Human Resources and Payroll Offices.


Date Posted: 3/11/2021