General Education

General Education pie chartGeneral Education at SUNY Oswego is governed by two guiding principles: liberal education plays a foundational role in preparing Oswego graduates to engage and contribute to the world; students should have a degree of choice regarding the shape of their general education program.

The  SUNY Oswego general education program, what we call GE21, helps students hone the skills and habits of thought necessary to do well in university and critical to a life well lived after graduation. GE21 affords each student the opportunity to tailor her or his general education to best fit particular courses of study and personal interests.

This link will lead you to a brief statement of the thinking underpinning the particulars of GE21. Working with your advisor and the GE21 template (pdf)  you can construct a general education program that does more than simply meet requirements: your general education program can help you to make connections between courses and, crucially, between yourself and the world.