GE21 assessment

General Education and Assessment of Student Learning

An assessment of student learning in four areas of general education (ten categories and two competencies) is conducted by the appropriate departments and programs each calendar year (CY).  In November of the preceding year, assessment plan updates are submitted to the Office of the Associate Provost and Director of General Education, reviewed by members of the General Education Council (GEC) and the Assessment Advisory Committee (AAC), and feedback is provided to departments and programs prior to the beginning of the calendar year assessment cycle. 

Departments and programs submit to the Associate Provost and the Director of General Education assessment reports detailing the assessment results, an analysis of the findings, and an articulation of the steps, if any, to be taken in light of what the assessment reveals.  These reports are reviewed by members of the GEC and AAC, feedback is provided to chairs and directors, and a retreat is held to discuss with all participating departments and programs what the assessment revealed, generally speaking, and what insights can be gleaned from the assessment done in each area. 

The cycle ensures regular assessment of student learning in General Education, with each category/competency assessed every three years, and, crucially, both feedback on submitted plans and reports and the opportunity to reflect upon and discuss both the assessment process and what each year’s assessment reveals.

Links to the areas to be assessed in a particular CY year and the learning outcomes for all categories and competencies can be found on the General Education web page.

American History
Computer and Information Literacy

Critical Thinking
Fine and Performing Arts
Foreign Language
Natural Sciences
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Western Civilization
World Awareness--Fine and Performing Arts
World Awareness--Humanities
World Awareness--Natural Sciences
World Awareness--Social and Behavioral Sciences