Technology Education Student Teaching

Technology Education candidates participate in two, full-time, seven-week placements. Their first placement is in a middle school classroom.  The second student teaching placement is typically at the same location in which the candidate completed their TED 316 high school field experience.  

Registration and Tk20 Application

The semester prior to student teaching, candidates must register for student teaching through myOswego the same way you register for all classes. You must also submit a student teaching application through Tk20, including a cover letter and resume. The student teaching application is completed at the same time as your Field Experience III application. 

Tk20 Application Deadlines

Application Available Application Deadline
Fall Student Teaching February 1 February 28
Spring Student Teaching               September 1 September 28

2024 - 2025 Quarter Dates
Q1: August 26-October 18
Q2: October 21-December 13
Q3: January 27-March 14
Q4: March 24-May 16

Note: Dates may be modified to allow candidates to network with middle school and high school technology teachers during the Oswego Fall Technology Conference.

Before submitting your resume and cover letter in TK20 we suggest proof reading your applications materials thoroughly. These documents provide a first impression of your professionalism and potential. Some applicants have been rejected due to grammar and spelling errors in the past. It is also strongly encouraged that you visit Career Services in 145 Marano Campus Center to review both your cover letter and resume. 

Please be mindful of all your social media accounts. Be certain that if a prospective cooperating teacher is searching you, they only find evidence of your professionalism.

Changing information

Any changes in your contact information, including name, address, phone number, or email address, need to be reported to the Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office. Keep us up to date on any changes to your program or your academic status as well. Please notify the Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office about any changes immediately, either by email ( or by phone 315.312.3098.


During TED 306, a member of the Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office staff will conduct an orientation, in which more information will be provided. 


Student teaching candidates are to follow the vacation/holiday schedule of the district that they are student teaching in, not the SUNY Oswego vacation/holiday schedule. 


Forms for the Technology Education Department can be found under Placement Forms and Applications.