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The My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative was created in 2014 by President Barack Obama as the MBK task force at the federal level. The task force was an interagency effort focused on closing and eliminating the opportunity gaps faced by boys and young men of color so that all young people have the chance to reach their full potential.

The (TOC II) grant will support underrepresented individuals on the journey to diversify high need schools. Diversifying the workforce will improve the educational experiences for P-12 scholars.

The SUNY Oswego School of Education was awarded a TOC II grant of $1.625 million to fund their TOC program. This grant will be used to support the continued efforts to recruit, prepare and graduate underrepresented teacher candidates to diversify the teaching workforce.

Financial Support

Every scholar receives $2,500 each year.  See the additional financial supports below.

Professional Support

  • Professional Development
  • Urban field placements/classroom experiences
  • NYS Teacher Certification Exam test preparation
  • SMART Goals
  • Networking Opportunities  
  • Resume Development 
  • Job Searching and Interview Skills
  • Mentoring
  • and more!

Academic Support

  • Advisement
  • Study group
  • Peer to peer tutoring
  • Monthly Cohort meetings 
  • Weekly goal setting
  • Use of iPad while in program
  • and more!

Social Support

  • Team projects to host student group from urban and high-need schools
  • Peer mentoring
  • TOC II Check-in Meetings
  • Monthly Cohort Meetings
  • Leadership training
  • Group trips/outings
  • Mentoring
  • and more!


To be eligible for TOC II, a student must be:

  • A resident of New York State;

  • African American/Black, American Indian and Alaskan Native, Asian (East or South Asia), Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (first priority) and/or be economically disadvantaged (second priority);

  • Enrolled full-time in a registered teacher preparation program at the undergraduate level, or be in the MST program;

  • In academic good standing; and a graduate of a recognized high school or have a state-approved equivalency diploma. (If you are a graduate student, you must be a graduate from a regionally accredited college or university).

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MBK TOC II Application

MBK TOC II Brochure