Cooperating Teachers

Developing partnerships with schools and mentor teachers is essential to ensure all candidates are receiving the experiences needed to be fully prepared for the field of education. We ask that you consider taking the time to become a mentor and to help shape the career of future teachers.


During student teaching, the expectation is that mentor teachers will not fully relinquish their classroom to the candidate, but that the mentor teacher and candidate will work together in a co-teaching model. The candidate will be expected to assist with daily lesson plans, instruction, assessment and classroom management. 

At the field experience and practicum levels, candidates are asked to act as "participant observers,” and to closely monitor all interactions within their placement. Candidates are also asked to actively seek ways to contribute to and support the environment in which they are placed. There are usually assignments attached to the field experiences/practicum placements, however, the main goal of the candidate is to learn, observe and support the host teacher.


  • Have at least three years of full-time experience, tenure preferred but not required.
  • New York State-certified in the subject area of certification sought by the teacher candidate.
  • Recommended by the building or district administrator.
  • Willing to serve as a mentor to our candidates.


  • SUNY Oswego ID card.
  • Temporary Parking permit for SUNY Oswego.
  • Privileges at Penfield Library.
  • Year-round use of SUNY Oswego recreational facilities.
  • Use of Cooper Fitness Center (summer only).
Minimum Cooperating Teacher Expectations for hosting teacher candidates: 
(more specific expectations will be shared via the professor of record and/or student teacher handbook)

  • Respond to the candidate after the initial contact and discuss the placement logistics with the student (when will the candidate attend the experience weekly, the best way to communicate, etc.)
  • Share relevant resources with the candidate that will aid in their development and success.
  • Discuss/share essential school policies and procedures
  • Plan how the candidate will be involved with students during the experience (small group instruction, one-on-one, etc.) 
  • Provide candidate opportunities to assume responsibilities according to their readiness
  • Discuss with the candidate the overall expectation requirements (support the candidate in completing the requirements, getting acquainted with teaching, engagement with students, etc.)
  • Cultivate undeveloped knowledge, skills, and dispositions 
  • Assist candidate in setting, evaluating, and achieving student goals
Modeling and Critiquing
  • Provide verbal and written critiques as needed
  • Model exemplary teaching and nonteaching techniques and strategies 
  • Model professionalism
Encourage Professionalism:
  • Promote the candidate's reflection on professional learning and how it can inform teaching and learning.
Evaluate Performance and dispositions:
  • Complete the mid-term evaluation (if applicable), complete the final evaluation and timesheet at the end of the experience
  • Make the professor/Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office aware of any concerns that need to be addressed  
 Communicate Concerns:
  • Contact the professor/Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office immediately with concerns about the teacher candidate, such as (inadequate progress; absences or tardiness; inadequate preparation; unprofessional dispositions, actions, or language.) 

Please Note: These complimentary support services are non-transferable, and are valid only for the academic year during which the placement took place. 

For Student Teaching Hosts Only

The Board of Trustees of the State University of New York authorizes each SUNY College to issue either a $200 stipend or a $250 tuition waiver to each cooperating teacher for the quarter in which he/she is assigned a student teacher. The process that is followed is one that has been established by SUNY System Administration, not SUNY Oswego.

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If you or someone you know would like to play an important role in the development of quality teachers, please have them contact us at 315.312.3098 or We are always delighted to welcome more professionals into our partnership.


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