Voices from TOC Scholars

Why Join TOC

“Some may not truly understand what it takes to be an educator, an educator within an urban school at that, but TOC has helped countless individuals to see that with support and a dream anything can be possible.”  -Darlynda Brownlee

“Overall, TOC is a necessary program. They provide so much for students who need it the most. As one of the two minorities in my program, I found that it was a safe place for me to express my feelings free of judgment.” -Sheleia Horton

“As an African American male, it is hard to talk to other professors and administrators that are not of color because they simply cannot relate and/or understand what I may be going through. In the meetings, everyone feels comfortable talking about problems they experience in class or in their practicums. This is one of many things that I love about TOC.”  -Kenneth Bailey

 “Being a TOC candidate allowed me to have a deeper connection within the campus community; it gave me a home away from home.” -Staceyann Reid

 “One thing I always walked out of each meeting with was new advice on how to be an effective teacher candidate. This advice will eventually lead me to become an effective teacher in the future.” -Jennifer Asitimbay

“TOC helped me understand why I wanted to be in the field of Education as well as why I wanted to be a teacher. Being part of TOC made me realize why the society needs more educators out there, especially teachers of color.” -Reina Vasquez