Student Teaching Placements

The Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office is responsible for making all placements, therefore all placements must be arranged through our office. We work hard to maintain excellent relationships with cooperating schools, and are required to abide by their placement procedures and comply with all school and district policies. It is also important that we make sure we have trained college supervisors available in a certain area. Please refrain from seeking your own placements with an informal request, this can delay placement for other candidates. If a teacher has requested you for student teaching, all efforts will be made to honor that request, however no placement is guaranteed.

Placement Locations

We cannot provide college supervision outside of the areas listed below and therefore, can only place student teachers in the areas listed. While you cannot chose the specific school or district in which to complete your student teaching, you will be able to specify a first and second choice of area for your placements within the Tk20 application

New York City: Includes schools in the Bronx and Manhattan. Note: You must complete a NYC application form. Further directions and a link to the NYC application will be provided in your Tk20 application.

Oswego/Syracuse area: Includes districts from Oswego to Sandy Creek to Syracuse to Auburn to Newark to Sodus, as well as those within this broad border.

Syracuse City: Schools within the Syracuse City School District.

Placement Notification

The Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office will notify you of your placement via email throughTk20. Placements that are confirmed within 1-3 days prior to your start date will also be sent by email or phone call.

While waiting for your notification please be patient, this is a complicated process that involves teachers, principals and other district leaders. If you e-mail ( or stop by our office (175 Wilber Hall) to ask about your status, please give us your name, your program and concentration information so we can respond to you appropriately.

Changing Area/Placement

To change your area of preference for a pending placement you will need to submit a request in writing. Except in extreme circumstances, placements that have been confirmed prior to your appeal cannot be changed.


Student teaching candidates are to follow the vacation/holiday schedule of the district that they are student teaching in, not the SUNY Oswego vacation/holiday schedule.