Composition I (ENG 101)

ENG 101 offers intensive practice in college-level writing, preparing students for ENG 102.  This course is intended to develop students’ general fluency in and comfort with the conventions of written language.  Students will also enhance their abilities to use informal writing as a method of generating and refining ideas, to assess their own written work and that of peers, and to foster a fuller awareness of an effective writing process.

Composition II (ENG 102)

ENG 102 asks students to develop and articulate ideas in response to significant course readings and discussions.  Attention will be given to focus, organization, and readability in texts, as well as to critical reading and research skills.  Students will also be invited to explore and reflect on their own expectations about the goals and purposes of written discourse, as well as those of the writing communities in which they participate.  A paper involving significant citation is required.  ENG 102 fulfills the SUNY General Education requirement for Basic Communication in Writing.

Advanced Exposition:  Writing as a Citizen (ENG 302)

ENG 302 invites students to bring their evolving expertise in an academic and professional field to larger discussions of public interest, writing expressly for lay audiences – fellow citizens rather than members of their academic discipline. It involves a rhetorical analysis of the larger public discussion, a written argument bringing ideas or research from their major to bear on that discussion, and some digital text (a website, narrated film, or podcast, for example) that addresses the same issue.