Graphic Flash

The Graphic Flash Project features flash fiction from advanced creative writing students that is illustrated by advanced graphic art students and thematically rendered by advanced music students and filmed by cinema students. Two stories are featured below.


Fabulous Faye and his Fantastic Finale by MK Cornfield (PDF)
Fabulous Music (mp3)


Nine by Imani Gary (PDF)
Nine music (mp3)

SUNY Oswego's cinema and screen studies program is a unique combination of production, screenwriting, and critical theory. Below are a few selections of student produced short films, and screenplays that showcase the range and diversity of our student productions.

Short films

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing, Peter Myers
Mixed Emotions Film Festivel

As Ever,

As Ever, Jordan Bianchi
Senior Capstone


Intro to screenwriting

Where's Mine?
Intermediate screenwriting