Submit news: style guide

Following a few pointers and suggestions will help us publicize your achievement or event.

The facts: Include who, what, where and when. And, if applicable, the why and how.

Context: A few extra details can mean a lot. How will the research you presented or published impact your field or mankind? At what level of conference (state, national, international) did you present, and how large is the attendance? If you're submitting an event, what kind of credentials (awards, albums, books) does the performer/speaker have? Are you bringing someone to campus with critical acclaim that can be attributed to a trusted source ... such as "The best violinist alive today," according to the New York Times, or called "one of the brightest young minds in the field of psychology" by NPR?

Style points: Our publications use AP Style. Examples: May 17 (not May 17th), 5 p.m. (not 5:00 PM), $7 (not $7.00). And remember that terms like "noon" and "midnight" are much clearer than "12 p.m." or "12 a.m."

Event information: If submitting an event, is admission charged? If tickets are required, how can attendees purchase them? Is there a contact person if potential patrons want more information?