Snow plowing

Snow plowing priorities
The college has established priorities for snow removal with the Grounds Department. First priority includes all campus roadways, commuter and employee parking lots, residential lot driving lanes, and sidewalks.

Resident parking lot plowing notification
Once the above areas are cleared, the grounds crew will move to clear the resident parking lots. The grounds supervisor, a University Police supervisor, and a Residence Life and Housing Office representative will determine the lots to be plowed on that day. By noon, a “Notice of Intent to Plow Certain Lots” will be posted in all residence halls. A sign will also be posted at the entrances to all lots that are to be plowed. In the larger lots, plowing will generally occur between 8 and 11 pm, depending on the workload and current conditions.

Cars not removed by the designated time will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.

If a snowstorm should occur between the time the notice is posted and the actual snow removal time, the grounds crew may suspend their scheduled resident lot plowing and plow higher priority areas.

Resident motorist assistance
Approximately an hour and a half before the time established for plowing, a University Police car and a tow truck will be available at the designated parking lots to assist students in removing their cars. The truck will help with jumper cables for cars that cannot be started. University Police will assist in directing traffic during this operation.