Music majors at SUNY Oswego can now receive a Certificate of Specialized Study in Piano.  Here's a special opportunity to show your real talent at the keyboard and study with internationally recognized piano instructors. Nationally known pianists Professors Rob Auler and Juan Francisco LaManna, principal conductor of the Miami Ballet, provide exceptional students with an opportunity to study in a relaxed, but challenging atmosphere. 

A music major that maintains a minimum GPA of 3.0 in music courses and a B in any other applied courses is eligible for this opportunity.

Along with studying piano literature and piano pedagogy, music majors must spend two semesters accompanying for campus and local events. These experiences will provide you with a wide variety of opportunities to perform and accompany many performers in different settings.

In addition to a variety of piano classes, jazz and ensemble courses are available for eligible students to take as they work towards a Certificate of Specialized Study in Piano. Specialized courses are designed to provide specialized insights into a wide variety of musical genre.