Students working with potter

Teaching is an art in and of itself, and creativity is part of every teacher's repertoire.  Studies have found young students in particular often can learn complex ideas and processes when taught through one of the arts.  We all know that learning one's "ABC"s becomes much easier when sung and early American history is reinforced with classroom plays, music and visual arts.  And, many studies point out that mathematical concepts are often made more accessible through visual representations of objects.

At Oswego, Childhood Education majors with an Arts Concentration will be develop the skills and tools to bring added creativity to the teaching of traditional subjects in the classroom. If you're in this exciting new program, you will learn the skills to assist other instructors with creative teaching methods.  

America needs well-qualified teachers and Oswego has always been at the forefront of American teacher education. This new program continues in Edward Austin Sheldon's historical traditions. At a time when school budget cuts are often targeted first at arts programs, having traditional classroom teachers with these enhanced skills will be a much-needed benefit to the schools and children.