For more than 150 years, Oswego has led the way in education, continuing today in our childhood education program that leads to certification to teach children in grades 1 through 6.

Developing teachers of young learners requires a program that combines a strong knowledge of the discipline and theory-based courses. Sustained field placements in diverse settings provide authentic learning opportunities throughout the program.

Launch your career


Concentrations for the childhood education certification include arts, English, modern languages (French, German, or Spanish), mathematics , science-biology, science-chemistry, science-earth science, science-physics, social studies, or women’s studies.


Seek your student teaching field placement in regional schools throughout Central New York — or urban centers that include Syracuse, Rochester, and New York City. Take advantage of study abroad opportunities, with education coursework offered in the Czech Republic, Paris, and Benin (West Africa) — or New Zealand and Australia.


Opportunities include

  • Teacher
  • Administrator
  • Counselor

Graduate studies may include

  • Master of science in education degree
  • Counseling
  • Alternative teaching specialty


Oswego's School of Education recently occupied newly renovated space in Park, Wilber and Sheldon halls. Our Field Placement Office can connect you with opportunities to learn in and lead classrooms in a diverse offering of locations.

“I’ve had a great experience at Oswego. I’ve learned a lot about myself, such as my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve gained a lot of professional skills through organizations and in the classroom. I have also made lifelong friends and have had the opportunity to work with wonderful professors who are dedicated to their careers.”

— Leiska Garcia ’14