Teaching Squares

Description of Teaching Squares & Process

A teaching square brings together four faculty from different disciplines who take time to observe each other’s teaching over a period of time and culminates in an informal coffee or tea meeting to discuss the techniques and practices used in the classrooms of their colleagues. This continuing growth opportunity offers faculty an informal setting to discuss and reflect on classroom dynamics and teaching techniques employed in the classroom.  

Upon creating a teaching square, each faculty member provides a class that they are willing to have their square members observe and the other three members observe the class together and so on for the next members. Being a part of a teaching square may require some flexibility, especially for classes that are at room capacity or would be altered by the presence of additional faculty. In these cases it may be useful to record or live-stream the class on Panopto for the other faculty members to observe. Following the completion of all observations, the teaching square will gather in a comfortable setting to discuss ideas and practices in the classroom.