Small Teaching Online Reading Group

This fall, CELT will be co-sponsoring a joint SUNY-Oswego / SUNY Plattsburgh reading group on Small Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes, by Flower Darby and Jim Lang. Listeners to our podcast (or those who have viewed ACUE's Online Teaching Toolkit are already familiar with Flower's work). Small Teaching Online follows the approach used by Jim Lang in Small Teaching by providing many examples of evidence-based activities that can be easily implemented in your online courses (or as online enhancements to classes offered in other modalities). 

You can find more information about Flower Darby and her approaches here on two Tea for Teaching podcasts.

The reading group will meet 5 times (beginning in the second week of the semester) over a 10-week period. We will provide alternative meeting times for for each pair of chapters to accommodate diverse schedules. Rebecca Mushtare, Jessamyn Neuhaus, and I will moderate the discussions. (Some of you may know Jessamyn as the author of Geeky Pedagogy: A Guide for Intellectuals, Introverts, and Nerds Who Want to be Effective Teachers - which is also a great book! She is the Interim Director of the teaching center at Plattsburgh and has also been a repeat guest on our podcast.)

These reading groups provide a wonderful opportunity for faculty across both of our campuses to share effective strategies and to work together to resolve challenges and issues as they arrive. Even if everything goes well and the pandemic continues to be managed well in New York, we're all going to be facing unprecedented challenges in our new teaching modalities. Since COVID-19 is spreading now most rapidly among college-age students, there's at least some chance that we might be all teaching in a fully remote or online environment at some point this semester, even if we started our classes in a classroom setting. 

If you are interested in joining us for the reading group, please fill out this simple registration form. In this form, you will be asked to let us know whether you would like a physical copy of the book.

Thanks to Penfield Library, you can access a: digital version of Small Teaching Online.