Korean Students on Campus: What do We Need to Know to Improve Teaching, Learning and Services?

This session will be co-presented by Dr. Taejin Jung (Communication Studies), Dr. Minjung Seo (Health Promotion and Wellness), and Dr. Joshua McKeown (Director of International Education and Programs). It is designed to offer faculty and staff background and helpful information about our incoming Korean student population on campus. Starting in January 2013 SUNY Oswego will enroll many more Korean undergraduates on campus, likely fifty or more each year going forward. This large cohort of students brings with them a great desire to learn and succeed at SUNY Oswego, and come from a cultural background that is important for us as a campus community to understand better. The presenters, two of whom are Korean, will seek to inform on such issues as: the Korean educational system and the classroom learning background of these students, helpful ways to communicate effectively, the academic and social background of the program participants prior to coming to Oswego, and some insights into the ambitions, pressures, and goals that many of our new students are likely to have, and time for your questions. Please join us.