Faculty Reflections on Pandemic Challenges

Since March 2020, we've all been forced to change our teaching practices in very many ways. Many of us have discussed these changes informally with a few colleagues or more formally during workshop presentations, but many of these changes have taken place without being shared more widely. At CELT, we'd like to provide an opportunity to reflect back on the changes we've introduced in our teaching practices and to share them more broadly. This project was inspired by a video reflection wall project at Adelphi University, but we'd like to allow a broader selection of media:

  • Text: 300-800 words (.doc, .docx)
  • Video: 3-5min (.mp4 or .mov  or .wmv)
  • Audio: 3-5min (.mp3 or .wav)
  • Art work or images: (.gif, .jpg, or .png)

Please use this reflection submission form to send us your submissions. We'll upload them on a rolling basis and keep this form open as long as the pandemic continues. We're looking forward to sharing your reflections!