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Karen R. Sime

Associate Professor

326 Shineman

Office hours

On sabbatical Fall 2016

Karen Sime


  • Behavior, ecology, and evolution of parasitic wasps
  • insect-plant interactions
  • biological control
  • chemical ecology
  • butterfly biology

Specialty area:

  • entomology


* indicates undergraduate research student

  • Buckner, J.*, Welsh, A.B., Sime, K.R. 2014.  Evidence for population differentiation in the bog buckmoth of New York State. Northeastern Naturalist 21:506-514.
  • Sime, K.R., Daane, K.M. 2014. Rapid, non-discriminatory oviposition behaviors are favored in mealybug parasitoids when Argentine ants are present. Environmental Entomology 43: 995-1002.
  • Daane, K.M., Sime, K. R., Paine, T.D. 2012. Climate and the effectiveness of Psyllaephagus bliteus as a parastoid of the red gum lerp psyllid. Biocontrol Science and Technology 22: 1305- 1320.
  • Daane, K.M., Johnson, M. W., Pickett, C. H., Sime, K. R., Wang, X-G., Nadel, H., Andrews, J. W., and Hoelmer, K. A. 2011. Biological controls investigated to aid management of olive fruit fly in California. California Agriculture 65(1):21-28.
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  • Sime, K.R., Daane, K.M., Wang, X.G., Johnson, M.W. and Messing, R.H. 2008. Evaluation of Fopius arisanus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) as a biological control agent for the olive fruit fly in California. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 10:423-413.
  • Daane, K.M., Sime, K.R., Wang, X.G., Nadel, H., Johnson, M.W., Walton, V.M., Kirk, A., Pickett, C.H. 2008. Psyttalia lounsburyi (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), promising biological control agent for the olive fruit fly in California. Biological Control 44:79-89.
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Ph.D., Entomology, Cornell University
B.S., Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley