Faculty profile

Kamal I. Mohamed

Professor, Rice Creek Field Station Director


364 Shineman Center

Office hours

Office hours (Shineman 364) are Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:00-2:00 pm and other times by appointment. If you want to request a zoom meeting let me know to open zoom for you, here is my zoom ID# 894 461 8392

Kamal Mohamed


The biology and systematics of parasitic plants. Ecological niche modeling of noxious weeds and invasive plants under present-day and future climate change scenarios.

Specialty areas:

  • plant systematics
  • plant ecology
  • economic botany



Ph.D., Plant Ecology and Systematics, Old Dominion Univeristy
MS, Soil Microbiology, Department of Botany, Faculty of Agriculture, Univeristy of Khartoum, Sudan http://floranorthamerica.org/Striga
BS, (Agric.) Honors, Class I. Faculty of Agrucilture, University of Khartoum