Faculty profile

Daniel T Baldassarre

Assistant Professor


331 Shineman Center

Office hours

Monday and Wednesday 3-4:00pm via Zoom. No in-person office hours. The Zoom meeting ID 378 691 6854


Combining field studies of behavior with genomic analyses to understand large-scale patterns of avian diversity.

Specialty areas:

  • ornithology
  • behavioral ecology
  • speciation


Hauber, M. E., Dainson, M., Baldassarre, D. T., Hossain, M., Holford, M., and Riehl, C. In press. The perceptual and chemical basis of egg discrimination in communally nesting Greater Anis (Crotophaga major). Journal of Avian Biology.

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Baldassarre, D. T., Greig, E. I., and Webster, M. S. 2016. The couple that sings together stays together: duetting, aggression and extra-pair paternity in a promiscuous bird species. Biology Letters 12: 20151025.

Potticary, A. L., Dowling, J. L., Barron, D. G., Baldassarre, D. T., and Webster, M. S. 2016. Subtle benefits of cooperation to breeding males of the Red-backed Fairywren. The Auk 133: 286-297.

Toews, D. P. L, Campagna, L., Taylor, S. A., Balakrishnan, C. N., Baldassarre, D. T., Deane-Coe, P. E., Harvey, M. G., Hooper, D. M., Irwin, D. E., Judy, C. D., Mason, N. A., McCormack, J. E., McCracken, K. G., Oliveros, C. H., Safran, R. J., Scordato, E. S. C., Stryjewski, K. F., Tigano, A., Uy, J. A. C., and Winger, B. 2016. Genomic approaches to understanding the early stages of population divergence and speciation in birds. The Auk 133: 13-30.

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Baldassarre, D. T., White, T. A., Karubian, J. and Webster, M. S. 2014. Genomic and morphological analysis of a semipermeable avian hybrid zone suggests asymmetrical introgression of a sexual signal. Evolution 68: 2644-2657.

Baldassarre, D. T. and Webster, M. S. 2013. Experimental evidence that extra-pair mating drives asymmetrical introgression of a sexual trait. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280.

Baldassarre, D. T., Thomassen, H. A., Karubian, J., and Webster, M. S. 2013. The role of ecological variation in driving divergence of sexual and non-sexual traits in the red-backed fairy-wren (Malurus melanocephalus). BMC Evolutionary Biology 13: 75.

Hurtado-Gonzales, J. L., Baldassarre, D. T., and Uy, J. A. C. 2010. Interaction between female mating preferences and predation may explain the maintenance of rare males in the pentamorphic fish Poecilia parae. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 1293-1301.


Ph.D., Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University
BS, Biology, Syracuse University