IGE International Student and Visiting Scholars Committee

Committee Description:

The purpose of the Institute for Global Engagement Student and Visiting Scholars Committee will be to help build interactions and collaborations between visiting scholars and domestic students and scholars.  The committee will propose and help organize periodic events designed to promote interactions, including activities such as potlucks, receptions, and discussion groups. All members become part of the Institute for Global Engagement.

Membership for 2014-2015:

chair, IGE Director
Ebru Altay, Summer Session Conference Support
Rebecca Burch, Psychology
Marcia Burrell, Curriculum and Instruction
Ceylan Cizmeli, Psychology
Joggeshwar Das, School of Education
Craig Gilkey, Residence Life
Jessica Hester, Theatre
Webe Kadima, Chemistry
Lisa Langlois, Art
Joshua McKeown, OIEP
Ulises Mejias, Chair, communication Studies
Ampalavanar Nanthakumar, Mathematics
Vadoud Niri, Chemistry
Marilyn Ochoa, Penfield Library
Ahmed Ould Mohamed, Modern Languages and Literature
Hema Rao, Accounting, Finance and Law
Magdalena Rivera, Student Affairs
Stephen Rosow, Political Science
Karen Shockey, Penfield Library
Barbara St. Michel, Campus Life
Uyilawa Usuanlele, History
Murat Yasar, History
ex officio:
IGE Director