Math Success Camp

SUNY Oswego's Math Success Camp is designed to help incoming STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) freshman and education majors with a concentrate in science or math complete their degrees!

Our technologically advancing world is filled with interesting and exciting applications in science, technology, engineering, and math. Many students are naturally interested and want to pursue a STEM major, but do not persist because of the challenging course work. SUNY Oswego's bridge program provides interested students with the opportunity to attend a one week preparatory camp in math and college readiness skills just before the semester starts. Experienced faculty teach courses that are designed to provide a transitional bridge between high school-level and college-level material. In addition, you will be given seminars by success advisors on college skills (time management, GPA calculation, studying habits, tutoring services, how to get an internship, etc.).e You will also be introduced to STEM faculty members and get to know fellow STEM students and peer mentors that will work with you during the camp.

The bridge camp is open to all incoming SUNY Oswego freshmen who have declared a STEM major (Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Geology, Geochemistry, Mathematics, Meteorology, Physics, Psychology, Software Engineering, or Zoology) and education majors with a concentrate in science or math. Math success camp has been developed as a result of two National Science Foundation grants. The bridge camp experience is free to students who are accepted due to these grants. Accepted students will be selected from the group of students who apply based on the available space and need.

Math Success Camp 2017 runs from August 21 to August 25, 2017. The check in and move in for the residence halls is on Sunday, August 20.

You will have an opportinity to retake your ALEKS placements exam at the end of the bridge camp after 15 hrs of math instruction. Your math course placement for the fall semester may change based on this retake . Therefore, do not use all 5 of your ALEKS assessments before the camp. However, please take at least one ALEKS test before the camp, since the ALEKS test results will be used for placement in Math Camp groups. Students who are transferring in college level math credit are exempt from the ALEKS assessment but may choose to take the ALEKS assessment and are not bound by its results.

Students attending math camp will stay in the same residence halls they will room in for their first year, no need to move again before the semester starts! Please consider ranking the following residence halls as your preferred halls: Funnelle, Seneca, Cayuga, Hart, or Johnson. Living with other math camp attendees and will help you build community throughout the program and the fall semester. Please note Johnson and Hart have program requirements associated with them. For more information please visit Essentially, students will arrive one week early for fall classes. The math classes will be taught by SUNY Oswego professors and work with the ALEKS math tutorial will be available in the evenings with current Oswego State student mentors.

Typical camp day: 8-9 am Breakfast, 9 am - 12:30 pm Math instruction, 12:30-2 pm Lunch, 2-4 pm Success Advisor and Facuty Meetings, 4-6 pm Dinner, 6-8 pm Social activities and Tutoring

The deadline for applications to the bridge camp is August 1, 2017.  The application is easy and can be completed by following the link below.

Apply Here!

For more information, contact Adrienne McCormick by email (preferred method) at or by phone (expect a delayed response) 315.312.2285. 

Note that this program is fully funded by NSF STEP  and SUNY SUMS grant programs.