United Way weekly prizes

Employees who donate to the campaign by check or payroll deduction are eligible for one of the fall 2017 weekly prize gift cards/certificates:

United Way Weekly Prizes 2017
Drawing Date Weekly Prize(s) Winner
Week #1 11/13/17 $20 Oswego Sub Shop Gift Card Jason Hy
Week #2 11/20/17 $20 Kiyomi Gift Card Carrie Fellows
Week #3 11/27/17 $20 Fajita Grill Gift Card
$20 Ontario Orchards Gift Card

Christine Dallas
Julie Pretzat Merchant

Week #4 12/4/17 $20 Stewart's Gift Card
$20 Azteca Gift Card

Karen Hogan 
Barbara St. Michel

Week #5 12/11/17 $25 Oswego Cinema Gift Card
$25 Canale's Gift Card
Victoria Furlong
Laura Brown
Week #6 12/18/17 $25 River's End Bookstore Gift Card
$25 Port City Bakery/Red Sun Gift Card
Darlene Abrantes
Bob Hageny
Final Grand Prize 1/5/18 2 - $100 VISA Gift Cards Julie Pretzat Merchant
Tracey Green

Check back weekly to find out who wins!

The earlier your pledge forms are received, the better your chance of winning in a weekly drawing. After you submit your pledge form, you are eligible to win!

Note: some weeks, more than one prize is up for grabs!

Contributions of $1 per payperiod per person would go a long way toward achieving the campus goal!