SEFA bimonthly prize schedule 2019

Mark Mirabito - Winner of Incentive Bi-Monthly Prize #2

Employees who donate to the campaign by check or payroll deduction are eligible for one of the fall 2019 bimonthly prize drawings:

Drawing Date Prize to be awarded Thank you to our Friends from: Winner
Week #1 10/28/19 $50 Ontario Ochards Gift Card  donated by CSEA Oswego Local 611 Barbara St. Michel
Week #2 11/11/19 River's End Gift Card donated by CSEA Oswego Local 611 Mark Mirabito
Week #3 11/25/19 Nora's Restaurant Gift Card  donated by CSEA Oswego Local 611
Week #4 12/9/19 Azteca Restaurant Gift Card  donated by CSEA Oswego Local 611
Grand Prize   1/3/20 To Be Determined
donated by UUP Oswego Chapter Local 2190

Check back often to find out who wins!

The earlier your pledge forms are received, the better your chance of winning in a weekly drawing. After you submit your pledge form, you are eligible to win!

Contributions of $1 per payperiod per person would go a long way toward achieving the campus goal!