Where do I Start if I Want to do Research or Other Creative Activities?

1) Go to your departmental website and explore what kind of scholarly and creative work faculty are doing. Starting on your own is challenging in your field, given that you do not know the most current literature- but the professors in the area certainly do. Learn who does what. Find your department on this list

2) Select at least three Profs that work in your area of interest. Read some of the faculty's most recent publications. Remember, you may not find a perfect match but participating in research develops many transferable skills. 

3) Contact the professor, and note what you have done so far- thus documenting your strong interest in their work. Ensure that your email is professional and without mistakes (you can use Grammarly or the writing center to check your writing). If the papers are over your head- that's good- ask questions, express willingness to learn, and work hard. Include your resume if you have one. Note that you are willing to apply for local grants to get funding for such work. 

4) You might have to repeat this "procedure" a few times until you find someone who has the willingness, time, and money to do research involving students and is impressed by your diligence.

5) Consider discussing this subject with your academic mentor and ask how that is handled in your department. E.g., participating in a band, a creative class, or an in-class project could be an excellent start. An academic mentor would also know who in the department is actively engaged in such activities. 

6) See our main page about available funding for your creative work. This office also provides funds for travel to events, such as conferences or shows, where you could present your accomplishments. Link


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the ORCA Director at orca@oswego.edu