Student travel grants

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The Student ORCA supports student travel to present their work at conferences, exhibits, or performances.

1) Please read the guidelines.

2) To apply, fill out the form below.

3) Ask your mentor to fill in a faculty sponsor form

4) Student travel grant awardees must submit a summary and provide evidence of their experience to the RISE office within ten days after the event. 

Please be advised that there is a limited amount of funds to support student travel requests. The Student ORCA may support local and close-by regional events up to $150/presenter; regional and close-by national events up to $250/presenter; and national and international events up to $500/presenter. Each presenter must apply separately because funds are provided individually. Nevertheless, if several students go to the same event, we ask that you please coordinate your application efforts so that all applications are provided on the same day. Most applications will not receive full funding, and cost-saving measures are encouraged. These procedures would include selecting state and local conferences, applying for discount group rates at hotels near the meeting, and driving to nearby venues as opposed to flying. Please do not forget that your mentor needs to support your application, that these funds are only meant to support student presentations, and that you must submit a report upon your return.

If your trip does not involve a presentation of your work, then this funding mechanism is not going to work for you. Consider applying via EXCEL, for Feinberg funds, which do not have this limitation.

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