How to make and submit a poster

Please submit information about your poster for the program, even if you do not need your poster printed.

Easels and 3' by 4' Styrofoam boards will be provided. Posters should be printed on paper/ fabric.

Most posters are built using MS PowerPoint. Please set the poster’s size as 36 inches high and 48 inches wide. Most posters include title, authors, affiliation, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgments, and references. Use a font size that makes it easy to read your poster from 4 feet away, use a lot of good-quality graphics, and limit text. Please use a white or very light background- that saves a lot of costs and is environmentally friendly. An example of a poster still in the MS PowerPoint format is available at this link:

Please work with your mentor to ensure that your poster presentation's content discloses only what is proper to be publicly shown. Your mentor will discuss with you and help you edit the poster’s title, list of authors, and content.

Once the content is spellchecked, finalized, and approved by your mentor, save the file, then save it as a pdf. Please name your pdf file starting with the first author's family name. The maximum pdf size permitted is 10 MB. If your pdf is larger, edit/decrease the graphics' resolution and resave.

The poster can be printed at your expense at any time; however, you must submit data about the poster to be in a program and the pdf for your Fall 2023 SCA Poster Symposium for free printing by 11:59 PM, Sept 1st

Please sign into SUNY-Oswego mail or Laker Apps and then use this link to submit your poster:

If late- please arrange to print on your own at your expense. See directions below. 

To print after the deadline, at your own expense, feel free to reach out to Port City Copy Center at (315) 216-6163. Their website is and their email is You may also contact Speedway Press which is also located in Oswego. Speedway's email is ( and their phone number is (315) 342-1363. Many online retailers are also available. If you print it on your own, you need to bring it to the poster session.

Thank you.