Research and Individualized Student Experiences

Julia D'Rozario works on research project

The office of Research and Individualized Student Experiences (RISE) at SUNY Oswego serves to encourage and facilitate scholarly and creative activities that enhance your educational experience and prepare you for your career path. We support a wide range of mentored, self-directed work designed to empower you to apply the knowledge that you have learned in classes. Undergraduate research and creative activities give you, the student, the opportunity to do something that no one has ever done before.

These types of experiences include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Investigating a historic event
  • Composing or arranging music
  • Designing a computer program or creating a website for a special purpose or group
  • Creating a sculpture or painting
  • Planning and implementing an experiment in a science laboratory
  • Working on a study outdoors
  • Developing a marketing or management plan for a local organization
  • Gathering data on peoples’ experiences or opinions

We will help you to identify the types of projects that will both challenge and inspire you while providing invaluable skills for your future. 

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