Violent incidents: Firearms and other dangerous behaviors

In light of the tragedies on other college campuses, it is important to know that officials advise that there is no single (or absolute) response or direction that will secure everyone's safety. Every situation is unique and complex, for this reason, procedures vary to incident and facility to facility.

If someone has entered a building with a weapon or you hear shots, immediately do the following:

  1. Seek secure shelter. If possible, go to the nearest room or office with a lockable door.  It is critical to get out of the line of fire. Notify anyone you may encounter to follow and do likewise.
  2. Call 315-312-5555 if possible. Police intervention arriving as soon as possible is the best approach.  Violent incidents evolve rapidly and violent individuals are unpredictable in their behavior.
  3. Tell the police where you are, where you heard the shots and how many people are in the room. Keep your phone line open if the UPD dispatcher asks you to.
  4. Provide information. Try to stay calm and, if you can, give the police an accurate description of the person or people involved, including clothing, height, weight, sex, other physical characteristics, direction of travel or location. If possible, give a description of any weapons involved. Tell the police if you know the name(s) of the individual(s) involved.
  5. Close and lock the door or barricade the door if there's no lock.
  6. Close and cover the windows. Seek to find a room without windows only if time permits. Stay away from the windows and pull the shades, if any.
  7. Barricade the door. Use whatever moveable furniture is available. This is especially important if there is no time to find a room with a lockable door. Note: Some doors open outward rather than inward; however, blocking the entrance may deter the perpetrator.
  8. Turn off lights and get on the floor. Keep out of sight by hiding behind tables, desks, cabinets or other furniture.  This also provides additional protection.
  9. Keep absolutely quiet. Act like no one is in the room. Violent individuals will seldom take time to check every room since their goal is to inflict maximum harm in the minimum amount of time. Silence cell phones.
  10. Remain in the place of refuge until escorted from the building by police or other security personnel. Do not attempt to leave a secure hiding place on your own.
  11. Do not answer the door or speak to anyone. You do not know who it may be. Wait for police to identify themselves and give instructions. Be absolutely sure before responding and taking the directions provided.
  12. Once you have reached safety, call family or friends to assure them that you are safe and please tell them not to come to the college. Additional traffic to the area may affect efforts to contain and respond to the emergency.
  13. Recent events have shown that if the opportunity arises where you can take action to terminate the hostile action take appropriate action.
  14. Please remember that when the police enter an area to follow the directions explicitly.

As part of the college's Emergency Preparedness Plan and the university's Emergency Management Plan, the college will communicate to all stakeholders via NY Alert, the local media, and various other methods including the SUNY Oswego home page.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact University Police at 315.312.5555.
University Police
Pathfinder Hall
SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126