Shelter-in-place (violent persons) procedure

  1. Alert others. Follow your school's emergency procedures. You may need to call University Police, 911 or a local emergency number. Provide essential information, such as the type of emergency, the location, a description of the attacker(s) and the type of weapons involved.
  2. Get away. Only do this if you can escape quickly and safely. Identify an escape route first. Leave all belongings behind. If possible, stay behind furniture, buildings, cars, etc. Warn others as you go.
  3. Lock down. If you cannot escape, hide in the nearest room. Lock or barricade doors, and close and cover windows. Turn off lights, and be very quiet. Do not open doors until law enforcement gives the "all clear" signal.
  4. Take cover. If attackers are armed, hide in a place that totally blocks you from the view of the attackers. If there is nowhere to hide, lie flat on the ground. Stay away from doors and windows. If a shooter is in the same room with you and gunshots have been fired, it may help to "play dead" until escape is possible or help arrives.