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Reporting crime/threatening individuals

Procedures - reporting crime

  • Notify University Police immediately if you think a crime or suspicious activity is occurring.
  • Be prepared to describe the situation, suspect or stolen item in as much detail as possible.
  • Report any new information immediately to x5555.
  • Take down plate numbers of suspicious vehicles, and details of physical appearance of suspicious persons and events.
  • Report things that appear out of place or any suspicious activity immediately.
  • Report solicitors immediately.
  • Be prepared to give accurate descriptions of race, age, gender, appearance, location, etc.

**REMEMBER: Only you can decide which course of action is appropriate in each case.

**For your own safety do not approach or engage the individuals yourself. Go to the nearest phone and call UPD at x5555 or 911 from an on-campus phone.

Threatening individual - workplace violence

A threatening individual is any person who you determine to be a threat to you or those around you. The individual may have a gun or knife or just make you suspicious because of their behavior. They may be acting aggressively or appear under the influence of drugs/alcohol.  Trust your instincts and keep yourself safe by creating distance between you and the person(s).

  • Notify the police at x5555 from a campus phone whether the individual poses an immediate threat to you or not. Be prepared to provide a situation assessment.
  • Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself. Stay calm and avoid conflict. If possible, seek protection in a classroom/office that locks and has phone access. Leave the building immediately if this does not put you at risk with the individual.

**Remember the police will appreciate you reporting suspicious activity whether or not it ends up being an actual crime in progress.