Other types of emergencies

  • As a default response for any emergency not covered in the University Police website, remember to contact University Police at 315.312.5555 in an emergency.
  • All of our responses to emergency situations calls for the use of the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Below find some additional emergency or hazardous situations and basic information about how to deal with those situations:

  • Epidemic emergencies

In the event of any pandemic influenza outbreak or contagion the college will implement the Pandemic Flu Plan. The plan calls for limiting social interaction and a discontinuation of all but the most essential functions of the institution. Alert levels have been established that proscribe specific actions on the parts of college community members. Incident Command Structure will be employed during the outbreak of any contagious illness in epidemic proportions. 

Alerts will be shared with the campus community via email, web and media outlets. 

  • Nuclear emergency evacuation

If the college receives notice from the Oswego County Office of Emergency Preparedness that the is a potential hazard from a nuclear accident or that a natural disaster has occurred University Police will immediately notify college administrators and public affairs who will then make announcements via the NY Alert system, the various media outlets, and various electronic messenging systems. Specific instructions will be provided as to whether shelter in place policies will be followed or the campus wide evacuation plan will be deployed.

It is critical to remain calm and to follow the instructions as provided.

  • Critical information loss - cyber crime

SUNY Oswego relies on our campus servers and technology to maintain normal operations.

Intentional theft of secure information is a crime in NY state. New York State policy and SUNY System Administration requires that all campuses report information security incidents in a timely formal manner. If you become aware of any of the following types of information loss such as unauthorized access, infections by malicious code, denials of service and recon scans and probes these circumstances must be reported to University Police at 315-312-5555. UPD will file a police report and work with our Campus Technology Services department to investigate the incident thoroughly.