As new students and parents excitedly and anxiously count down to Move-in Day for new students on Friday, Aug. 24, the college and its students offer tips and advice.

Oswego’s Office of Residence Life and Housing provides a whole Coming to Oswego section, which includes a list of what to bring, to discuss with your roommate about bringing and what not to bring. The site also says what to expect on Move-in Day, which begins at 9 a.m.

We previously asked students on the Red Carpet Crew, which helps move the new students into their on-campus homes, provided some tips to make the process easier. The students even gave additional tips for settling in after the parents have said goodbye for the start of their students' new college adventure.

A key point in planning to move in is “figuring out what you need and what you want to take to college, and then deciding on what is best to take to SUNY Oswego,” Allif Kalim recommended. “Come to college with a game plan and organize everything in your car accordingly, so taking things out will be easy and make it a little easier for Red Carpet Crew.”

Making a list is one of the top recommendations from Cailtin Galvin. “It’s super important to be organized when moving in and it definitely reduces the stress. There isn’t much room in your dorm so try to consolidate,” Galvin said. “Try talking to your roommate about what they’re bringing. If you can share a fridge with your roommate that would save a lot of space.”

Michael Drummond noted that emotions may run high on Move-in Day, but that’s OK. “It is natural to be nervous, scared, anxious and a lot of other emotions that are taking over your brain before you move into college,” he said.

Alyssa Levenberg, who was a student video blogger for four years in the Alyssa Explains It All series before graduating, made a video with some additional thoughts for students coming in, including explaining the check-in process, saying goodbye to the family, meeting people and making friends.

Levenberg also offered a part one and a part two of a video series with recommendations on what to pack and what not to pack.

Too see what it all looks like, check out this video with sights and sounds from the 2017 Move-in Day and a video story on the 2016 Move-in Day.

For additional questions on moving in and Oswego’s residence halls, visit the Residence Life and Housing website.