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The State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) charitable fund drive at SUNY Oswego and the CSEA employees' union have teamed up to offer a drawing for a $100 prize that aims to attract early pledges to the campaign -- on or before Oct. 31.

Any college employee who submits a pledge -- paper or e-pledge -- before "the witching hour" will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card.

There are other drawings weekly throughout 2018, also aimed at incentivizing pledges to the annual SEFA drive. For example, pledges received by Nov 12 make the employees eligible for a $20 Fajita Grill gift card.

Employees may give to SEFA's campaign generally, or designate gifts to any of thousands of charitable organizations approved for participation. A full packet of informational material and pledge forms went to each employee recently.

The 2018 appeal at SUNY Oswego has moved full steam ahead toward its $30,000 giving goal since early-semester fundraisers for fall mums, Cooper Fitness Center and the SEFA/United Way Lap-A-Thon.

Bake-offs continue, while next month's popular Baskets of Caring competition and a poinsettia sale are among the coming attractions.

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