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Baskets of Caring

Rich Hall Employees Celebrating Their Winning Basket of Caring 2016

Employees of Building 20 and Rich Hall gather to celebrate their Wreath of Riches Basket.
Their entry received the most votes!


Check out who won . . . . .

2016 Baskets of Caring Results

Caring for . . . . . Donated by . . . . Winner!
Get Your Geek On Campus Technology Services Leah Souza
Chemistry is Cool Chemistry Club Eynna Qian
Shop Locally Penfield Library Jill Pippin
Wellness Basket Health Promotion & Wellness Becky Devendorf
Baker's Basket Newman Club Sarah Timney
Hot Beverage Basket Counseling Services Center Diane McLaughlin
Dinner-Movie-Bowling Basket Facilities Services & Office of AVP Carol Carter
Suds & Snacks Auxiliary Services Sharon Buske
Pamper Yourself 6th Floor Culkin Hall Kate Bailie
Here's to You Walker Health Center & Counseling Services Nick Lyons
Craft Brew Basket 7th Floor Culkin Jim Sharlow
Dog's Dream Basket Admissions P. Dowdle
Family Game Night Basket Extended Learning Chad Buske
Family Fun Basket SEFA Planning Committee Vanessa Sereno
Harvest Basket Registrar & Residence Life Offices Shelly Reifke
Spa Basket Mentor Oswego & Adopt-A-Grandparent Kathy Klefbeck
Tailgate Basket The Compass Sarah Wehrle
Caring for the Pirate Basket Alumni Office Sydney Martin
Wreath of Riches Rich Hall & Building 20 Douglas Hemphill

32" Roku TV

Campus Life, IPAC, Modern Languages & MCC Set-up Crew Derek Richards
Party on the Patio 4th Floor Culkin Penny Truax

A total of $3,612 was raised for the local campaign in just two days! 

A special congratulations goes out to Rich Hall & Building 20 for their Wreath of Riches basket.  They brought in the top number of tickets. Way to go!!

Results of the voting 2016
1st place 487 tickets Wreath of Riches Rich Hall & Building 20
2nd place 449 tickets Caring for the Pirate in You Alumni Office
3rd place 347 tickets Get Your Geek On CTS
4th place 342 tickets Party on the Patio 4th Floor Culkin

Our committee would like you to know that we greatly appreciate everyone that participated in our 2016 Baskets of Caring Event. Thank you for all of your generosity, hard work and participation. A special thanks to all of our wonderful donors.

The SEFA Planning Committee 2016:
Sharity Bassett, Mallory Bower, Nichole Brown, Nancy Concadoro, Diane Dillon, Carolyn Donnelly, Diana Forbes, Howard Gordon, Kristin Gublo, Christy Huynh, Cathy Johnston, Nikki Pritchard, and Shelly Sloan