Baskets of Caring

Caring For . . .

Donated by . . . . Winner!!!
Made in CNY Publications Joe Burnett
Pot of Gold The Compass Margaret Prisco
Let's Eat SEFA Committee Howard Handlon
Chemistry is Fun! Chemistry Department Mark Zelcer
Chase the Winter Blues Away! Intercollegiate Athletics Shelly Sloan
Breakfast Time (2 parts) Extended Learning Jennifer Fogel
Take a Trip! Facilities Services & Office of AVP Jeff Rea
Italian Dinner (3 part) Admissions Patti Miller
Creativity Unleashed Penfield Library Pat Krauss
Taste of Oswego Counseling Services & Mary Walker Health Center Kathi Miceli
Air Fryer 6th Floor Culkin Hall Jake Reitmeier
Fortnight Basket Campus Technology Services Tammy Bullard
Health Wellness & Spa Collection Auxiliary Services Cathi West
What's Your Dream? Alumni & Parent Relations Sarah Zalewski
Money Pizza 7th Floor Culkin Hall Jonathan Velasco
The Money Tree Marano Campus Center Jim Mulcahey
Wonderland of Riches Rich Hall Shanice Gregory

Thank you to everyone for all your generosity!  We raised $4,365 toward the campaign in just TWO days!

Congratulations to Alumni & Parent Relations for their What's Your Dream Basket - they brought in the top number of tickets.
Congratulations to the Marano Campus Center for the Money Tree - they had the second highest number of tickets.
Congratulations to Rich Hall that donated the Wonderland of Riches - they had the third highest number of tickets.