SUNY Gender-Based Violence and the Workplace Policy

The State University of New York (“State University” or “SUNY”) is committed to maintaining campuses and a workplace free from domestic and other forms of gender-based violence. SUNY in its continuing effort to facilitate a safe and welcoming environment in education and employment, and in support of federal and state gender-based violence prevention legislation, has adopted the following policy in furtherance of such efforts.

Domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence impact the lives of thousands of New Yorkers each day, with tragic, destructive, and often fatal results. The impact of such violence transcends beyond the various locations at which such incidents take place and are felt in the workplace. The safety of victims, co-workers, and clients have the potential to be compromised.

SUNY recognizes that domestic and gender-based violence occurs within a wide spectrum of relationships and is committed to taking every appropriate measure to support employees who may be experiencing victimization in a survivor-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive manner.

Full Policy (PDF)
NYS Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline Poster (PDF)


Joanne Pantaleo