Undergraduate Student Assistant Appointment Process

Due to budget restrictions and limitations, undergraduate student hiring is only allowed on a critical basis and requires the respective Vice President approval. The information outlined here does not provide permission to hire, but rather contains information about the new electronic process for submitting approved undergraduate student appointment forms.

As part of our commitment to reduce paper usage and simplify the Student Assistant hiring process, we are pleased to announce a new electronic student appointment form. In addition to the electronic student appointment form, the new employment actions justification form is required to be submitted for approval before the student appointment form can be submitted. This ensures compliance with SUNY and State guidance.

When/how do I submit the Undergraduate Student Employment Actions Justification form?

Supervisors must complete the Undergraduate Student Employment Actions Justification form BEFORE the student appointment form is submitted. Each time you submit a student appointment form, you must first submit the justification form so it can be approved prior to the submission of the student appointment form. The justification form may be routed via email for the necessary electronic approvals. Once you send through the justification form, payroll is last to receive it. Once payroll receives the justification form, you will be provided an update on the status of the submitted justification form. Once your justification form has been approved, you may then complete the electronic Student Assistant Temporary Service Appointment form.

When do I need to complete an Appointment Form?

Supervisors must complete a Student Assistant Temporary Service Appointment form for every new and returning employee within the first three days of hire AFTER the Undergraduate Student Employment Action Justification form has been approved. For all students new to the Student Assistant Payroll, you will also need an I-9 with all required documents (a W-4 and IT-2104). For any student that has already worked on campus (either in your department or in another department), only the electronic appointment form needs to be submitted and not the additional required payroll documents. Please be precise in determining the date of hire because it is used to set up the Time and Attendance time sheet. This is particularly important with new hires because a student cannot be paid for work prior to the start date indicated on the appointment form.

When to complete a Student Appointment Form for returning Student Assistant employees:

  • The beginning of a new academic year- You may complete a form that lasts the entire academic year from the beginning of the Fall semester through the end of the Spring semester. A separate appointment form will need to be completed for any work performed in summer.
  • New Semester- If you prefer to have the appointment form that runs semester by semester that is also an option. The semester by semester forms then need to be submitted for each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer). To ensure no lapse in payment, please submit the new appointment form at least two weeks prior to start date.
  • Change in information- A new appointment form will need to be submitted if the hourly rate, department billing number, or supervisor changes so these updates can be made accordingly.

If you have any questions about this new process please email payroll@oswego.edu.

Please visit this webpage for the most up-to-date information from your Human Resources and Payroll offices.

Date Posted:  9/2/20