All human development students are required to complete two semesters of field placements, one on-campus internship, the other at an off-campus site in conjunction with their capstone course. These internships provide opportunities to explore different areas of potential interest; develop strong leadership, communication, and teamwork skills; make connections for their futures, and become proficient in research.

About HDV Internships

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EXCEL Internship Instructions

Students can explore ideas and contact information using this Community Services Directory. This directory is intended for you to explore potential new placements, and is not a directory of exisiting internship options. 

You must complete Phase 1-4 on the Internships and Co-ops page before you can get registered. 

Students can search for internship opportunities through Career Services.   

To register for your Internship, you need to follow the EXCEL Internship Instructions:

Internship and Co-op Instructions

Below you will find an outline of the five phases you need to do in order to successfully plan, apply, verify, register, and complete an academic Internship or Co-op.  EXCEL staff are available to help you through each step and ensure that you are ready to go. 

Phase 1: Plan Ahead:  Review your eligibility and timeline with your Academic Advisor.

Phase 2: Search and apply to Internship or Co-op positions.

Phase 3: Formalize your Internship/Co-op position by having your Site Supervisor verify the position for EXCEL to review.

Phase 4: "Request an Experience" and fill out your learning agreement in hireOz by Handshake to be registered for academic credit.

Phase 5: Complete all your required Internship or Co-op hours and submit your academic assignments to your Faculty Sponsor. 


Human development students have served in a wide variety of community placements relevant to their personal interests and individual career goals, including:

  • public schools
  • nursing homes
  • teen pregnancy programs
  • physical therapy practice
  • mental health facilities
  • daycare and preschool programs
  • summer camps and recreational facilities
  • Department of Social Services
  • Head Start and Even Start
  • District Attorney
  • Liberty Partnership
  • YMCA
  • Salvation Army
  • domestic violence shelters