Women's studies course criteria

The gender and women's studies program represents an interdisciplinary approach to gender and feminist scholarship whose purpose is to examine the changing gender roles locally, regionally, nationally, globally, and cross-culturally through time. Courses within this program, including cross-listed courses, should not only reflect this approach, but should also meet the following criteria:

  1. The course content must clearly reflect and acquaint students with recent scholarship on women, gender, and/or feminist theory. Traditional texts, when used, should be put into a dialogue with a feminist perspectives.
  2. A gender and women's studies course addresses, rather than ignores or dismisses, the ways in which race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other systems of domination affect the ways in which one experiences gender, subordination, and agency.
  3. A gender and women's studies course should address at least one of the learning outcomes of the gender and women's studies major (see below).

Learning outcomes for the gender and women's studies major:

  1. Describe and analyze the history of feminist movements and of gender and women's studies as an academic field of inquiry.
  2. Synthesize and analyze diverse perspectives.
  3. Access and synthesize knowledge in gender and women's studies scholarship.
  4. Identity and analyze systems of domination that constrain men's and women's lives in multiple contexts, such as the workplace, the household, education and academic inquiry.

To submit a course for inclusion in the gender and women's studies program, please provide the the following to Program Director (224 Marano Campus Center or via email):

  1. A copy of the course outline approved by UCC;
  2. Justification for course inclusion (300 words);
  3. If possible, a sample syllabus for the course.

Approved by Advisory Board 9/22/14
Updated to reflect program name change 1/27/15