Resource List

Career Opportunities for Women's Studies Majors 
A discussion of the benefits of a women's studies degree as well as specific examples of job placements.

Financial Aid and Job Opportunities for Women's Studies Students 
Links to information about job opportunities, internships, scholarships and fellowships

The National Women's Studies Association 
The NWSA supports and promotes feminist/womanist teaching, learning, research and professional and community service at the pre-K through post-secondary levels and serves as a locus of information about the inter-disciplinary field of Women's Studies for those outside the profession.

Women's Studies Programs in the United States 
Links to over 250 program websites

Women's Studies Programs, Departments and Research Centers 
Out of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, this site contains links to approximately 500 women's studies (including "gender studies") programs, departments, and research centers around the world that have web sites. This site also contains links to lists of all women's studies programs in the United States.

Gender-Related Electronic Forums
A frequently updated annotated listing of more than 500 women- and gender-related e-mail lists.

Internet Resources on Women: Updates
A frequently updated annotated listing of new and changed web sites offering information on women of particular use to educators and students.

Women Count
A national nonpartisan campaign and education program that challenges every women to participate in the political process

The Best of WWWomen Sites
A list of sites for women that respresent the best in content and presentation.