Office of Communications and Marketing

The Office of Communications and Marketing builds awareness among targeted audiences of how the college makes a difference for students and the larger community through education, research, and community service. It coordinates many of the college's internal and external communications, including the upper levels of the website, official college social media accounts, media relations, and the public events calendar, among others.

Snow plowing

Snow plowing priorities
The college has established priorities for snow removal with the Grounds Department. First priority includes all campus roadways, commuter and employee parking lots, residential lot driving lanes, and sidewalks.

Professional conduct

When acting as a professional representative of the college and/or a department, office or organization via social media, uphold the same standards you would if interacting in person, on the phone or via email. Be courteous and try to understand their concerns or questions. Obviously, avoid things like obscenity, insults or hate speech. Realize that you may be their primary or only point of contact for the college on that issue, and you need to put the best face forward while providing accurate, helpful and timely information.

Content strategy

Once you've started working in social media, you often find yourself asking two key questions of content strategy: 1) What should I post? and 2) How often should I post? These are subjective questions, but consider the following points to answer.

Monitoring and responding

For the college's main official social media channels, the Office of Communications and Marketing — including members of our student social media team — regularly posts on, monitors and responds to any queries. If you have social media channels, you should check them at least once (if not multiple times) a day at minimum. Basic customer service rules apply, in that honest questions should be responded to promptly, courteously and sometimes with additional details such as links or contact information. Like anything on the web, not all comments may be friendly or on topic.