Help us remember Tyler Hall history through your own stories! In celebration of the reopening of the renovated Tyler Hall last fall, we invite you to participate in Tyler Tales.

Modeled after the StoryCorps project featured on NPR, the Tyler Tales project seeks to capture the stories from the people who have worked, played, learned and enjoyed life within the walls of Tyler Hall. Sign up today to schedule your half-hour session, to be videotaped on Friday, October 28 in Tyler Hall.

How to participate

Identify one story or a moment in time in Tyler Hall that you'd like to share. We're hoping to share stories that were a turning point, a transformative moment, a cumulative event, an important lesson, a goal achieved, a stereotype broken, a hurdle overcome, a friendship forged.

  • Briefly summarize the memory.
  • Why was it important? Why does it stand out to you?
  • How does that moment fit into your life today?
  • Find a partner with whom you can discuss, share or pull into your story, or let us know you want to participate and we can help match you up with someone.

What to share

Maybe it was feeling the lights hit your face and feeling a rush during performance in Waterman, witnessing an "ah ha" moment in the classroom that put your students on their current professional path, installing your first art exhibition opening, playing a duet with a phenomenal musician who ended up being a best friend for life, or emerging from an all-night set construction party to see the first snowfall of the season blanketing campus.

How to share

Record yourself and send us your Tyler Hall memories through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #TylerTales and/or email it to

Written form
Share your story by emailing text and photos with captions to

We will share your submissions on the OSWEGO Alumni Magazine website: We reserve the right to edit submissions.

Tyler Tales Kelli